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You know the value of remote systems and the cloud.
AND We know you’ve got more than enough on your plate...

No matter how high-tech your software company is, you likely face many of the same challenges that plague all business owners. You must keep things running smoothly and manage your customer base, all while finding ways to increase sales. On top of this, someone has to maintain financial records and perform routine bookkeeping, which can get complicated and frustrating. Bookkeeping may not be one of the core competencies of your business, but staying on top of it is essential to your growth—even your survival.

We don’t need to tell you about the benefits of superior technology and software. (You could probably write our sales pitch on the benefits of cloud-based accounting.) So why not employ a bookkeeping solution that leverages technology like the type that you build? 

Are you ready to explore how we can help your tech company grow? It all starts with a consultation... 

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Remote Bookkeeping Solutions for Software & TECH Companies

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Keeping Your Balance has been providing customized remote bookkeeping, cloud-based accounting, and payroll and HR solutions for high tech and software companies since 2005, and we’re constantly researching cutting-edge accounting software tools to streamline bookkeeping processes for businesses like yours. 

You design and sell cloud solutions yourself, so don’t take on the additional overhead of maintaining your books in house or supervising an accounting staff. Keeping it all in the cloud brings you that much closer to the paperless solutions we’re all striving for.

KYB is experienced and ready to manage every aspect of the accounting and bookkeeping process for you, including payroll, inventory, policies and practices, budget analysis and creation, financial reporting, third-party software management and integration.

> Learn more about what makes us different and why KYB is the best solution for your remote bookkeeping needs here. 


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