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professional services

You’re under pressure to produce results.
We’re here to keep your focus where it belongs.

Even when resources are limited and plates are full, you still have to deliver. It’s your job to help your firm develop and maintain client relationships, manage your office and staff, and stay on top of much needed technology. If you bill your clients on a time and materials basis, it’s always a challenge to track your time, and a chore to turn those billable hours into invoices to get out to clients. Actually collecting on those invoices is yet another challenge.

Accounting functions can’t be overlooked, but we know they can be a huge distraction from your core business offerings. So why not leave the accounting matters to an expert team, and keep your attention and resources where they belong—on developing your services and widening your client base?

Are you ready to explore how we can help your professional services company grow? It all starts with a consultation... 

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REMOTE Bookkeeping Solutions for Professional Service Firms

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Keeping Your Balance has supported professional service companies since 2005, including:

  • Marketing and ad agencies
  • PR firms
  • Staffing companies
  • Architect firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Real estate brokerage firms
  • Insurance firms

Because of our experience in this space, we’ve developed a number of offerings designed for the specific needs of this industry. We can help by implementing our time and expense tracking system, which works with your business and interfaces with our accounting systems to create efficiency. We’ll work with you to create a schedule to make sure your invoices get created, reviewed and sent to your clients in a timely manner, and we’ll do the follow-up to make sure your bills get paid.

KYB is the best remote bookkeeping solution available to professional service firm owners like you. We’ll manage every aspect of the accounting and bookkeeping process, including payroll, inventory, policies and practices, budget analysis and creation, financial reporting, third-party software management and integration. Plus, we can even help with your HR needs as well.

> Learn more about what makes us different and why KYB is the best solution for your remote bookkeeping needs here. 


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