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As your business grows, so does the scope of your responsibilities. The challenges of running your business increase dramatically. Eventually, management and administration of the business becomes so time-consuming that you’re left with little time to devote to your real goals.

As the owner of a small business, your time and resources are best spent on the development and growth of your business, and not on tedious administrative tasks like HR and payroll. More and more, companies like yours are finding that it makes sense to outsource HR and payroll. Keeping Your Balance offers a Virtual HR and Payroll solution that takes the hassle out of your hands and leaves you free to focus on the fun stuff that you started your business to do.

Outsource Your Accounting | Keeping Your Balance | SF Bay Area

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing has become something of a scary term in today’s world, as it evokes thoughts of that horrible trend that’s sending jobs overseas. But really, outsourcing simply means contracting responsibilities to professionals who aren’t on your staff.

Why Is Outsourcing Becoming So Popular?

When companies find themselves with increased workloads and leaner staffs, it makes sense to trust outside professionals to manage administrative tasks like bookkeeping, HR, and payroll. More and more companies are looking for proactive solutions to organize, streamline processes, improve productivity, and work within challenging time and workload constraints. Outsourcing allows you to get the expertise of a team of highly skilled professionals, often at a fraction of the cost of bringing on employees to handle the work.

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Is Virtual HR and Payroll Right For My Company?

Small to medium and growing businesses are increasingly turning to outsourcing functions that are outside of the scope of their core business model. You’ve got better things to do with your time, and these tasks are better handled by people with a high level of specific knowledge and experience. HR and payroll work may be time-consuming and a drudgery, but these are also crucial projects, and need to be managed with professionalism and accuracy.

Rather than hiring HR and payroll staff, outsourcing provides you with a full virtual team that allows get you out of the way of these tasks, reclaiming your time and resources for more strategic projects. A team of professionals effectively becomes your virtual HR and payroll department, without costly overhead like office space, benefits, or the need to manage and supervise them.

What Can Keeping Your Balance Do For Me?

At KYB, our mission is simple: we want to help businesses like yours thrive and grow. We accomplish this by providing the most reliable and accurate accounting, HR, and payroll services possible. We’ve been supporting small and growing businesses since 2005, and have served hundreds of clients. We’ll provide you with an end-to-end virtual HR and payroll solution, utilizing state-of-the art technology to maximize efficiency.

Virtual Payroll & HR Service | SF Bay Area

Our Virtual HR and Payroll services include:


  • Complete payroll processing
  • New hire reporting
  • State and Federal filings and tax payments
  • W-2 generation
  • State employer applications and setup
  • Workers Compensation audit reporting


  • Employee file audits
  • Compliance
  • Onboarding and offboarding
  • Benefits implementation and administration
  • Employee relations
  • Employee handbook development or updating
  • Policy and best-practices development
  • Workers Compensation claims management
  • SDI and Unemployment claims management
  • LOA management

At KYB, we’ve been helping small businesses grow since 2005. No one understands your accounting, HR, and payroll needs like we do. We’d love to set up a free consultation to discuss your business and show you how our virtual solutions can improve your processes, save you time and money, make your life easier, and make your business fun again!


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