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As a business owner, you have no shortage of challenges to deal with on a daily basis. You’ve got to constantly deal with issues like maintaining inventory, keeping your customers happy, and staying up to date with necessary technology. Through it all, you need to perpetually find ways to get more sales, and it seems that there are just never enough hours in the day.

On top of all of this, you’re always faced with the added burden of maintaining financial records, and performing a list of daily and weekly bookkeeping routines. You know better than we do how complicated and frustrating it can be to keep up with your bookkeeping or accounting tasks. You’ve got more than enough on your plate already, and there’s no end to the financial responsibilities involved in just trying to operate a small to medium sized business.

Accounting may not be one of the core competencies of your business, but staying on top of it is certainly essential to the growth of your business, and even to its survival. You just can’t afford to overlook these vital functions either. If you fall behind on reviewing your vendors’ bills and keeping them paid, for example, you’ll risk having your deliveries of supplies and materials cut off, which would leave you unable to operate.

In reality, it’s only when your books are in order and your finances are properly managed that you’re really able to enjoy running the business you’ve dreamed of and worked so hard to get started. You’ll need to employ solid accounting practices, as well as perform accurate reporting, budgeting, and forecasting, to keep things running smoothly, and stay on the cutting edge of your industry. So why not leave the accounting matters to an expert team, and keep your focus on enhancing your offerings of products or services and expanding your clientele.

Very few small to mid-sized businesses have a CFO or controller, and most business owners don’t see themselves as being highly knowledgeable about accounting matters. So, more and more SMBs and retail companies are finding that outsourcing their accounting is an ideal solution. 

Virtual Accounting For Small Business

Your Own Virtual Backup Staff

Keeping Your Balance is the best outsourced accounting solution available to local business owners like you. We’ll provide you with a virtual team of accounting experts who will manage your bookkeeping off site, without the expense or hassle of hiring a bookkeeper or accountant in-house. There will always be a team in place, and you won’t need to manage or supervise them.

We’ll start by asking you a lot of questions about how you run things. We need to know all of the subtleties that are unique to your business, so that we can come up with a customized solution designed to meet your specific needs.

Then we’ll do a thorough review of your books, your sales reports, your systems, and any other items that will show us your day to day operations. This allows us to get a snapshot of your current processes, as well as the details of your present financial situation. At this point, we’ll do a free assessment which includes recommendations on ways to move forward.

Only then will we design a solution that’s tailored to your own business, specifically structured to streamline your processes, and free up your time, attention, and resources for the vital functions of running your shop.

This solution will not only be custom-made for you, but it will also provide you with a full spectrum of all of the services you need to be up to date and on top of your chart of accounts and ledgers. Everything will be managed by your virtual accounting department, invisibly “in the cloud” so that you can concentrate of the vital tasks of running and growing your business.

Virtual accounting can be the perfect answer for retail shops and other SMBs. Since the work is all done off-site, you don’t need to provide space for a bookkeeper to work at your location, or have to worry about managing that person.

Because the virtual team is always working for you, you’ll never again need to wait until your next visit from the bookkeeper, when needs or questions arise. You’ll have the benefit of a full team of professionals who are assigned to your books. It’s too risky to put all your eggs in one basket by relying on a sole bookkeeper to handle everything. A simple sick day can become a major setback. Having your only bookkeeper leave the job can bring things to a screeching halt, and force you to take over the books again, until you can find, hire, and train a new person. With a virtual accountant, there’s always backup staff in place, which protects you from absences and turnover.

Bookkeeping & Accounting For Retail Small Business

The services we provide include:

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting (sales receipts, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, etc.)
  • Inventory control
  • 1099 tracking, processing and control
  • Budget creation and updates
  • Experience with POS systems and integration
  • Payroll processing and management
  • 401K deductions and processing
  • Benefits management
  • Financial reporting including real time cash flow status
  • We track and pay your Sales Tax
  • Review of your vendor bills
  • Expert knowledge of sales & use tax in the service industry
Small Business & Retail Accounting Experts | KYB

SMB / Retail Accounting Experts

When it comes to your livelihood and your business growth, trust your books to an industry expert. KYB has been serving the small-to-medium sized businesses since 2005. We are your “virtual accounting department” and as such will keep tight control of your finances. All of your sensitive information will be stored on highly secure servers to protect your confidentiality and shield your data from hackers.

We’ll manage every aspect of the accounting and bookkeeping process for you, including services like bookkeeping, payroll, inventory, policies & practices, budget analysis & creation, financial reporting, franchise report assistance, 3rd party software management and integration.

Why not set up a free accounting assessment, to see how outsourcing your accounting to KYB can improve your processes, save you time and money, and help your business grow? Our accounting professionals will be happy to propose a solution that’s ideal for your business.


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